Software Financing

Create Positive Cash Flow for You and Your Customers

If you are a company that offers a software solution that may also include hardware, installation, training or maintenance, you can benefit from offering your customers a monthly payment option. Our programs offer 100% financing with monthly payments over 12 to 60 month terms.

In the technology industry, "Pay for Use" is a very different sale than presenting a traditional capital expenditure (CAPEX) request. Customers often want to pay for your total solution monthly as an operating expense to avoid the CAPEX corporate guidelines and associated delays. It is simply easier to sell a monthly expense versus requiring cash up-front.

MultiSource Finance - Vendor Software Financing

Financing is a serious (full price) closing tool!

Our Vendor Financing Programs:

  • Allow you include a Monthly Payment Lease option as part of your proposal
  • Avoids losing out to finance-offering competitors
  • Eliminates the "let's see if we have the budget" discussion
  • Let's your end user avoid the time consuming CapEx approval process
  • Gets you paid up front and eliminates 30 to 90 days or more of collection time

Whether it is a SaaS or Perpetual License deal, we can help both you and your customers benefit from one fixed monthly payment, over time, for your total technology solution that includes software, hardware, storage, support, maintenance, installation and training.

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