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Thinking About Selling Your Business?

Mergers & acquisitions can be complex. Trying to coordinate the legal, business implications, human resources, intellectual property, and financial issues is complicated.  We can help you navigate this difficult & time consuming process.

Selling your business could be the biggest liquidity event you ever experience – let’s make sure your business is ready & that you maximize the sale price.

To successfully navigate a sale of your company, you will need experts who understand these dynamics and issues that frequently arise.  Sometimes you only get one shot to maximize the value and minimize the tax consequences of selling a company you have worked your whole life to build.

We have worked on many M&A deals and can help with the following:

Planning for the sale of your business ahead of time

Selling your business takes time. Those who start the process years in advance are more likely to get the best deal for their business. One of areas we investigate is what you can you do to maximize the sale price. We will discuss your options with you so that these areas can be handled in advance of the sale.

Presenting your business in the best position

Trying to sell your business when you have one buyer interested may be a quick way to get frustrated and likely sell it for less than it is worth. To maximize the price, you need an auction approach with multiple potential buyers. This requires you to use an Investment Bank or Business Broker to create this auction environment.

We can help identify and interview with you Investment Banks or Business Brokers that know your industry and can best represent you in the sale of your business.

Due diligence preparation for the sale

When the time comes for the sale, we can work with you to produce the following:

  • Clean up financials and prepare add-backs for adjusted net income
  • Prepare financial forecasts and projections
  • Prepare the due diligence requests that we know a buyer will ask for to shorten the time to close the sale
  • Work with your CPA firm and attorney on tax minimization.
  • Review and negotiate all legal documentation and closing documents and make sure you understand and are comfortable with them and the impact to you.
  • Getting the deal done and closed.

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