Equipment Financing

Offer Equipment Financing for Your Customers

Create Positive Cash Flow for You and Your Customers

Whether you sell equipment or vehicles, offering financing with a monthly payment in every proposal will help you sell more to more customers. Offering payments will overcome “budget problems” or “sticker shock” and will become a closing tool.

  • No more “we can’t afford it” excuses
  • Turn “do we have the budget” into expanded purchasing power

Offering equipment financing for your customers will help increase add-on sales. Knowing they can afford the monthly payment, they might upgrade to a higher priced product. Plus you can add maintenance or support agreements to the financing as well

Eliminate the big upfront cost of purchasing new equipment from you by presenting the purchase in monthly installments. Help your customers understand the return on investment. If it increases their monthly revenue by $10,000 they can afford the $2,000 monthly payment.

We can finance almost any type of new or used business equipment or vehicles.

Benefits of equipment lease financing:

  • Finance up to 100% of the cost of equipment and soft costs.
  • Same day approvals in many cases
  • Flexible terms and fixed monthly payments
  • New and Used equipment can qualify

Bad credit? No problem. We have financing programs that can be a great option if your customer’s credit rating is less than perfect. The equipment acts as collateral too. These alternative programs also provide your customer with the chance to rebuild their credit.

Let MultiSource Finance help you increase revenue by including a financing option in all your proposals.  We can work with you and your customers to close more deals.

Call us today for more information on equipment financing options, and how they can enhance your business and cash flow.

MultiSource Finance - Equipment Financing for Customers


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