Bank Loan Packages

Present a Winning Loan Package to the Bank

Banks offer the best pricing for business loans, but they expect you to do the prep work. One thing we know is that with banks, first impressions count! The quickest way to get turned down by a bank is to send them a loan package that is incomplete, or not very well organized.

We know how to prepare a winning loan proposal for you.

We have the experience to create our loan packages from the lender’s perspective. The information we prepare will be what the banks need and expect and we know how to prove to them that you’ll be able to pay them back.

Our winning loan packages include:

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Loan and business summary

Includes the purpose of the loan, the loan amount and repayment term required, what the loan is to be used for, the reason it is needed and a short history of you and your business.

Projected cash flows and financial statements

We work with you and your historical data to create the underlying assumptions to prepare projections for the loan proposal in a fashion that your banker is used to and can easily understand and agree with.

Presentation support to your bank

We help you present and position your loan application to your banker. We also handle the necessary follow-up to get your loan closed and funded.

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